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The Use of a Startle Test to Determine the Differences Between Hot-Blooded and Cold-Blooded Equines – Is the Stereotype True?

By Zoe Braybrook

The performance of your horse is dependent upon both their physical capabilities and their temperament. Performance is optimised when the right match is found between the horse and rider. With 1.3 million regular riders in the U.K., understanding a horse’s temperament is becoming ever more important (British Horse Society, 2015). A staggering 66% of 3,000 non-racing horses were euthanized in France as a result of inappropriate behaviour (Warren-Smith and McGreevy, 2008).

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Environmental Enrichment for the Horse: The Need to Forage

By Louise Nicholls

The most commonly used definition of environmental enrichment is by Shepherdson (1998): “an animal husbandry principle that seeks to enhance the quality of captive animal care by identifying and providing the environmental stimuli necessary for optimal psychological and physiological well-being.”

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