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The Relationship Between Feeding Routines of Dog Owners in the U.K. and Food-related Problem Behaviours in Dogs

By Kate Livesey and Stella Chapman, DVM

Control over a dog’s diet and feeding routine is at the discretion and choice of the owner. There are many contributing factors and influences that will determine what, how, where, and when food is given to their pet. These include busy work schedules, other members of the household, advertising on the television, and owner-dog relationships.

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What Can Street Dogs Teach Us About Socialization?

By Gail Fisher

There are certain truths we all hold as self-evident. One is that basic training is essential for all dogs. A dog whose behavior is “civilized” is able to be a fully participating member of the family. Further, if a dog develops a behavior problem, the foundation of basic training generally enables us to deal with it more efficiently and directly.

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What We Need to Learn About Missing Dogs

By Kat Albrecht & IAABC Editing Team

The Missing Animal Response Network is an international network of lost-pet recovery specialists (volunteers and professionals) who are interested in learning as much as we can about the behavioral patterns of lost pets. .

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