Horse Division

    The Use of a Startle Test to Determine the Differences Between Hot-Blooded and Cold-Blooded Equines – Is the Stereotype True?

    By Zoe Braybrook

    The performance of your horse is dependent upon both their physical capabilities and their temperament. Performance is optimised when the right match is found between the horse and rider. With 1.3 million regular riders in the U.K., understanding a horse’s temperament is becoming ever more important (British Horse Society, 2015). A staggering 66% of 3,000 non-racing horses were euthanized in France as a result of inappropriate behaviour (Warren-Smith and McGreevy, 2008).

    Parrot Division

    Calgary Bird School: An Obedience Class for Companion Parrots

    By Robin Horemans

    In a little city in Canada, owners are meeting once a month for a dog training class. Except there are no dogs in this class, only parrots! Birds in class learn foundation behaviours like “Step Up,” “Target” and “Station.” They’re introduced to marker training and positive reinforcement.

    Shelter Division

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